Wild Woman Soul is an energy practice that uses many different holistic modalities, alchemy, mindfulness, personal experience along with intuitive gifts. I would be honored to work with you to assist you into living in alignment and get you on the flow to universal abundance.

-Nicole Garrigan


Hello Dream Clients!

Wild Woman Soul is the work to unblock and align our conscious and unconscious thought patterns that brings us into our authentic self. When we match these two our higher purpose is set forth with magnetism and we put ourselves into service to improve our lives, the lives of others and the planet. Each of us has a Authentic Self just waiting to be put into alignment. Abundance is the natural energetic flow that everyone can tap into as their divine right. You may hear people talk about manifestation with different language like “The Secret”, thinking it into existence, daily mantras, etc. My system does not subscribe to the same ideologue! My personal belief is that unfortunately after spending thousands of dollars on books, classes and time, nothing worked in this “positive thinking” abundance world. This unique system is a mishmash of many areas of energetics, brain science, and personal growth systems. At an early age I knew that I was “sensitive” and over the last four decades I have gained tools to enhance, control, and unblock intuitive flow and energy. This is a huge part of our session practice, using meditation and energy to unblock and tune you in to your inner voice of higher self. I would love to work with you and see your soul shine!!



Artist -BFA Graphic Design

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy Certificate

Certified Postpartum Doula

Reiki I & Reiki II

Ayurvedic Mother Roasting Certificate

Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner

I am also a mother and kitchen herbalist, along with an extensive knowledge in holistic food and lifestyle. I came into this journey to heal myself and would love to put this knowledge into service of helping others.