Intuitive Observation is part alchemy, mysticism, and mindfulness. I have gathered and garnered different tools in my own life to heal and find my authentic self. Through this journey I have found the real work to change and heal is by digging in deep to the subconscious and find your limiting beliefs and bring them into alignment. This deep work is self paced and self motivated but my role is to hold space with intuitive guidance and tools to assist in the work. This set formula is energy work along with my gift of reading your energy field. I would be honored to do this sacred work with you as an essential part of living in your divine right of abundance. I recommend at least two sessions but more may be required to find alignment. More information is outlined in the sessions section on the menu at the top of the page. Also if you do not life close enough for session work the digital workshops and worksheets are available in the work section. Thank you for taking the time to read this information and considered your self-care a priority, it can truly transform your life.