If we choose to do the soul work together and find your authentic self then these are the sessions and stages of the work. Some of you are coming to me already on the journey and will have a different starting point. We will make that assessment in our first session together.

First Session


This 45 minute session we get to know each other and spend most of our time sharing and discussing what comes up in the energy field and making a healing plan.




Shadow work is usually two sessions of meditation, discussion and emotional holding. We dig into the subconscious and energy that is blocking your flow identifying specific shame or limiting beliefs.




In reprogramming we take the work of shadow and do energetic retrieval and reprogram those limiting beliefs.




We work energetically to align your subconscious and consciousness into alignment working with energetic healing. Intuition is unblocked and activated.




This session is what remains to unblock still and actionable steps to live in alignment outside of our sessions.