The Tools

Have you read all the law of attraction books and followed them to a ‘t’ to still not have abundance showing up in your life? If you said yes then you are not alone. I watched the movies, read the books, did the meditations and the mantras along with vision boards and a blank check to myself for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It just didn’t do the real work and big change I was hoping for. In the rock bottom of my healing journey I started to pay attention to the things that did work and why. Putting one foot in front of another, I noticed a pattern and realized that maybe this was the flow I had been searching for but it only happened once I was willing to roll up my sleeves and do the hard emotional and deep energetic work. The flow started as small coincides and started to become more aligned once I started to unfold difficult emotions around shame. So what did my emotions have to do with flow? My energy that was being sent out as a beacon into the world had my conscious desire to be in flow but working against me was a subconscious belief picked up in childhood that I didn’t deserve to make money because I didn’t have value. Pretty heavy duty thoughts right? Once I brought this limiting thought to the surface and into consciousness, I was able to heal and reprogram. I used guided meditation to replace the limiting belief with a new thought pattern. The change was incredible. I followed doing this for about four months until it seemed like it was totally cleared and the changes in how people and the universe interacted with me was incredible! Here are three things you can do at home on your own to find alignment.



Sit in nature, put your body or feet on the ground and connect with your inner voice. Bring your attention to your breath and intentionally ask for guidance. Journal anything that comes up. Write down people or past experience even if the don’t make sense right away. The clarity will come as the healing unfolds.


Clearing blocks

This phase begins once the first phase of looking at difficult emotions and shadow work has been started or completed. You can do both shadow and clearing but shadow should be done first and clearing at a later time in the day.



These meditations are to align the authentic self and bring in flow of magnetism. They can be used everyday in the morning or when you are comfortable. Meditation 2 is designed specifically for morning intention setting and setting vibration.

Some of the language and descriptions that are part of the sessions

Limiting Beliefs

When we where programmed as a child we established what our limiting beliefs would be. They came from parents, friends, media, society as a whole.

Thought energy

It can be positive or negative and is programmed at an early age in relationship to self worth and motivates our magnetism. 


Living outside of scarcity and unblocking and reprogramming limiting beliefs. Expanders are people and experience that teach, shift and direct the path to alignment.


When we move our conscious and unconscious thoughts into alignment with our higher self we are activating an integrated state. Our intuition is clearer, our path is moving to our goal quickly, and our time and energy is directed with purpose.

Authentic Self

The true essence of being that we all are, that includes unique gifts that serve a higher purpose that we came here to share. Truth lives here. Intuition is our guidebook to our Authentic Self. This is our greatest tool to use for achieving alignment and living in Authentic Self.


What you project you receive. The law of attraction.


Calling in and receiving whatever it is that you want in life. We manifest from our deep-rooted subconscious beliefs, as the universe’s entire intention is for us to grow into our most whole, worthy, authentic selves.


Living and being in an aligned state with your authentic essence. When you’ve jumped off the cliff of comfort (trust) and honor your truth, then everything starts attracting to you and success becomes a natural force of nature.


Aspects of ourselves that we’ve rejected through pain, shame, and anything that has created low self-worth on a subconscious level. We've disowned those aspects of ourself and placed them in our "shadow".